Home Theater

Contemporary home theaters are designed to submerge you into the most luxurious entertainment experience you can get. Absolutely stunning high definition 3-D picture quality means that you won’t miss out on a single detail. Add to that immersive surround sound that delivers superior audio that can capture the intimacy of the softest whisper, or make you feel like part of that action scene you are watching. Entertain yourself, you family and you guests with the experience of going to the theater or stadium while enjoying the warmth and comfort of your own residence. At YEEA we help you to choose your own equipment, whether you decide on a giant TV or home theater screen with powerful projector, out technical team will insure your total satisfaction with audio and video quality. If necessary, we can even supply home theater furniture and install it so you can start enjoying everything right away.


if you want to step up your game and get a more professional sound you may be looking to invest in a more professional karaoke system. The difference is that rather than having one device with all the components attached, a professional system has separate parts to make up the system. Some of these parts include microphones, speakers, a karaoke amplifier-mixer and a player (VOD).